Boeing 314A construction number 2086, original registration NC18612.

Delivered in August 1941 to Pan Am and operated as Cape Town Clipper. Impressed into military service during World War II and finally purchased in 1946 by the War Assets Department then sold to World Airways, which operated it as Bermuda Sky Queen.

This aircraft landed in the mid-Atlantic due to fuel exhaustion on 14 October 1947. Serious headwinds had impeded the aircraft's flight from Foynes, Ireland, to Gander, Newfoundland and Captain Charles Martin decided to land near US Coast Guard cutter George M. Bibb. Transferring the 62 passengers to safety was complicated by high seas, and at one point, the Clipper collided with the Bibb and was severely damaged.

After passengers and crew were rescued, the Bibb sank the aircraft as a hazard to navigation.

In the early 21st Century, this aircraft has been the subject of a proposed salvage operation.


  • Sunk


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